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Brand Voice


Brand Voice

Building a strong brand that connects with broad, diverse audiences is about more than what you say, but how you say it. Developing an authentic brand voice is about capturing the spirit and values of your company and having a genuine point of view that's affirmed at all levels of communication, from marketing copy and policy to press releases, emails, and social content. 

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Kickstarter: Creator Guidelines

As VP of Community, I worked with our CEO and Communications team to craft these rules in a voice that would reflect both the company's commitment to its mission as well as an understanding of the diverse ways in which people approach online fundraising. Our goal was to inspire and invite others to participate, while expressing with clarity and transparency the boundaries within which Kickstarter intentionally exists to foster its mission. 


Fig: About Page 

Fig's About Page needed to do more than simply explain a complex and new business model. The content and voice needed to demonstrate a seasoned understanding of the needs of the gaming community. I worked closely with the founding team to create a brand voice that expressed Fig's mission clearly, communicated the business model in a transparent and approachable way, and introduced to gamers a clear roadmap for where Fig would be heading in the future. 

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Foodworks: New User Messaging

New user messages provide a unique and often one-time shot to speak to a prospective community member. As an advisor at Foodworks, I help develop language that captures the excitement, enthusiasm, and genuine love for food entrepreneurship that the team lives and breathes every day.