Community Strategist

Storytelling + Content


Storytelling + Content

I approach storytelling and content as a way to elevate, educate, and inspire a community. The best content has staying power when it fills a gap in your community's needs, sparks dialogue, and communicates brand value authentically.


Kickstarter: So You Want to Write a Book

Early on at Kickstarter, we understood that there was no shortage of individuals excited and interested in trying to create something, but actually following through and committing to doing something was where people frequently got hung up.  I wrote this piece as a way to acknowledge that moment, demystify it, and help inspire individuals through to the other side. 


Designing Good Policy for Online communities

As someone who's worked in community for years, it should come as no surprise that one of the communities I belong to is a community of community professionals. After working on community policy for Kickstarter and Teachers Pay Teachers, I created this as a resource for other companies and community builders.  


Fig: About Page

Fig's About Page needed to do more than simply explain a complex and new business model. The content and voice needed to demonstrate a seasoned understanding of the needs of the gaming community. I worked closely with the founding team to create a brand voice that expressed Fig's mission clearly, communicated the business model in a transparent and approachable way, and introduced to gamers a clear roadmap for where Fig would be heading in the future.