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Cindy Au: Select Speaking Engagements

I'm a frequent speaker and panelist in conversations about community, funding, entrepreneurship, and nerd stuff. Below are a selection of speaking engagements I've had over the years. If you've got a fun idea for a talk or panel, feel free to contact me at 


UC-Santa Barbara, Humanists at Work Conference (Santa Barbara, CA): “Building Collaborative Communities”


True Ventures, True University (Palo Alto, CA): “Building a Successful Community Team”


CMX Summit (New York, NY): “How to Hire and Scale a Community Team”

Nordic Game Conference, Keynote speaker (Stockholm, SE): “Kickstarter and the Changing Landscape of Games Funding”

SXSW (Austin, TX): “Structuring Community During Exponential Growth”


PAX East (Boston, MA): “The Official Kickstarter Panel”

GDC (San Francisco, CA): “Pitching Secrets Revealed”

Games Invest (London, UK), Keynote Speaker: “Kickstarter and the Future of Game Funding”

MIT Business in Gaming Conference (Cambridge, MA): “Funding Game Projects”


PAX Prime (Seattle, WA): “Up Close with Kickstarter: Case Studies in Game Development”

PAX East (Boston, MA): “Kickstarter and the Future of Independent Games”

GDC (San Francisco, CA): “A Strategic Approach to Crowdfunding”

Game Connection (Paris, FR): “Funding Your Game with Kickstarter”

New York Comic Con (New York, NY): “Kickstarter and Indie Comics”

Indiecade (Culver City, CA): “Indie Kick Bundle Fund: A Discussion about Funding Your Games and Making Money”


New York Comic Con (New York, NY): “Kickstarter and the Future of Independent Comics”

Cindy Au